04 October 2010


It's 11:30pm and I'm laying in bed unable to sleep while my adorable husband snores away. Then I hear the WV marching band...aka my hubby's ringtone. I wake him up and he answers it-still half asleep. It was someone from work saying he is supposed to be at work right now because he is on mids now. He was only on days for a week!! We vacationed for the weekend and didn't get much sleep so I know he is exhausted and I hate that he has to go to work running on basically no sleep.

I was so excited when I found out he was on days because before he deployed he was on mids(11pm-7am) for about 3 months and before that was on swings(3pm-11pm) for a few months. From the time he was on mids through his deployment I hardly slept at all. I have a problem falling asleep when sleeping alone. After an awesome weekend and all the relaxation and the wonderful 3 weeks of sleep I am back to sleepless nights. Sometimes, like now, I hate the military. So now I am cuddled up with my four legged fur-baby, a glass of hot apple cider, and Entourage on my tv.

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  1. I love you darling, praying for you both! <3 !!!