16 September 2010

Guest Bloggers & Lady Gaga(MIlitary Style)

So, how did you like the 3 guest bloggers? They sure are awesome ladies, aren't they? I am so excited to have them spotlighted here in my blog. They run 3 of my favorite blogs! I wanted to take a minute and tell you a little about each of their blogs.

The first guest blogger from Monday was Lauren from Faith & Deployments. Her blog is about her life as a milspouse. She has probably one of the most real blogs I've seen. She's not afraid to talk about a fight she has with her husband or how she has work to do on her house and I love that! She is also a Christian and some of her posts are so inspiring! Just from reading her blog you can tell she is an excellent person! And the even cooler part? Her hubby is in the Air Force and has the same job as mine : ) So you need to hop over to Faith & Deployments! You won't be sorry!

The next blogger from Tuesday was Kelsey from Polished Portrayal. If you did not crack up laughing from her post there is something wrong with! Okay not really but seriously she is hilarious! Her blog has the best stories if you're looking for a laugh and also has some heartfelt stories! Every time I see a new post from her I check it out immediately and am never let down! She sure has a knack for writing! On top of that she is a mil spouse with two of the cutest kids ever!! Make sure you go read her blog over at Polished Portayal.

At on to the third blogger from Wednesday(yesterday), MaryAnne from ThePunkRockMom. She is a real life friend of mine who I love to death!! Her hubby worked with mine before they were PCSed way too far away! She is an awesome person and has a beautiful family! She has quite the sense of humor and is also so good at taking pictures! Her blog is full of photo challenges, funny stories, and so much more!!! And honestly how could you not want to check out her blog with a name like ThePunkRockMom...I mean really? She is a punky mamma trying to survive the domestic life! She also, has an etsy store where she has some pretty cool stuff including an ADORABLE customizeable apron!!! So go check her blog out at ThePunkRockMom and check her Etsy store by clicking here!!

Okay, so I wanted to let you know that this post was made in advance. I am still MIA. If you didn't know I went to live with my mamma while my hubby was gone  and we put all of our stuff in storage. I also was hit by a drunk driver right before he deployed and in result was left with no car(thanks to the uninsured drunk who hit me). We also just sold our second car while he was gone....sooo currently while you are reading this we are house hunting and car shopping. I will be back with a homecoming post probably tomorrow or Friday. I miss you all and I hope you miss me!! Hope you're have a great week!!! Now onto something HILARIOUS!

Ever seen the music video Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce? Okay, well if you haven't I recommend you go watch it by clicking here. Then watch this video below. It is so funny!!

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  1. Heather, thank you so much for this sweet post! You rock! We miss you guys bunches and can't wait to come visit yall again soon (and hopefully yall can come up to visit us too! :D)
    So happy that yall had a great reunion and have an awesome house! Hope you get a great car too!
    Love that video you posted- so funny!
    Thx for letting me guest post- I loved it! And I would do it again for ya in a heartbeat!
    <3 you guys!