13 July 2010

Beginning of the End

Life is like a book. A book full of chapters and many different characters. I believe each person in our own personal storybooks is put there for a reason. People walk in and out of our lives and each one has a purpose. Whether it's to be there for us when we cry or to teach us a lesson or maybe just to enjoy a good laugh. Once these people serve their purpose...they're gone. It isn't always easy to say goodbye to people but it's apart of life and God will provide a new person to fill their place. For me, saying goodbye to people I love is so hard. From friends I'm growing apart from to somebody I've loved for a while now. It's never easy but all you can do is keep smiling and looking forward to the future. I never dreamt I would lose these people but it's something I've got to deal with and I just keep thanking God for the other people in my life who are getting me through. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing friends and one of the best girl friends anyone could have. Everything in my life seems to be changing at a pretty rapid rate but I'm ready and armed for the next things my life will be throwing at me!

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