06 April 2010

A Strong Hug Can Go a Long Way

When tragedy strikes we are never truly ready. All we can really do is hold on tight to the ones we love and grieve for the ones we lost. It takes a lot to go on after you lose a loved one and a lot of strength to even just simply hear the news. If I haven't mentioned already my husband is from West Virginia. He was high school buddies with one of the coal miners who died in the explosion. Although, I have never met him I feel connected because my husband did and was friends with him. My husband has been glued to the news since it happened and he just seems so somber over this situation. Watching him and hearing other stories of the families who have lost someone in the horrible mess really brings life back into perspective. As military spouses, we see death all the time. I don't know about you but at our base there is a fallen soldier brought home almost once a week and even though it happens often you can never really get used to it. It's always sad and always hits you hard. And it always brings you back down to earth. Makes all of our life problems seem so minute and re-focuses us on what is really important. Times like these make me want to squeeze my loved ones extra tight. My prayers tonight are with these families who have lost a member, whether it be a coal miner, a soldier, or even a firefighter.

"If you love someone, say it! Otherwise the moment just passes you by..."
-My Best Friend's Wedding

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