27 August 2012

Unshakeable Faith

Not long after I wrote the last blog post The Calm Before the Storm I found out we had a tornado watch until 9am. It terrified me. I felt panicky. My chest felt tight. I had knots in my stomach. I couldn't sleep. Now it's almost 12:30am and I am exhausted but finally feeling more at ease. I was watching Aladdin on ABC family and when it ended Joel Osteen came on. He started talking about Unshakeable faith(and still is). God was and continues to speak straight to my heart. It's amazing.

WE are not in control. GOD has the final say. I cannot control the weather. I need to turn my mind off and turn it on to GOD! The bigger my God gets in my life the smaller my problems will get. It's time for me trust God. Trust that he will take care of us. I need to stop researching storms. Stop looking to much into it all and look more into my bible. More into God's words. More into praying and speaking to my heavenly Father. Because only HE can protect us.

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