16 August 2012

Fears Vs. Dreams

-That my daughter will be ignored by the other kids her age in daycare because she can't talk like they can...just like she is on the playground.
-That princess will be nervous and anxious and afraid of the other kids at daycare.
-The teachers at daycare won't be sensitive to my precious girl's needs.

-That my baby girl will blossom and bloom while in daycare.
-The she will make friends.
-That she will feel loved even when she is at daycare.

-That I will miss precious moments in my Little Man's life.
-That he will cry when I'm gone.

-That his teachers will love him like I do.
-That he will learn a lot.
-That he will love daycare and being around other toddlers.

-That I am a bad mom for working almost full time(34 hours) and putting my kids in daycare almost full time.
-That I will regret the decision I have made.
-That I will cry every day I am away from the two Little people who have my heart.
-That my Little angels will cry every day I am away from them.
-That this will be two much change paired with not only daycare but with my husband deploying.

-That I will move up quickly and actually begin to make more money than I will be paying in daycare.
-That I will continue to love my job the way I do now.
-That my boss will continue to be understanding of situation and continue to be flexible with my schedule.

1 comment:

  1. These fears and dreams are SO valid :). My daughter is 2 and is just starting to talk (she just got hearing aids a few weeks ago after finally being diagnosed with a hearing loss) and when she was in daycare fulltime all the other kids were jabbering away and she would quietly play with them before finding her own voice. The kids didn't mind. They just wanted to run around together and steal toys from each other. Now she's in a 2year old preschool and is starting to imitate the other children, which is exactly what I was hoping for. My point to this long winded comment is that I really think you'll see your "dreams" are much more realistic than your "fears" for your children and for you :). Good luck!