06 December 2011

Merry Christmas to Me:)

So I did some cheapo shopping using money from things I've sold on ebay and credits I had to buy myself a few lovely things and I couldn't help but come here to show them off:)
First are the things I got from One Kings Lane. I'm kind of obsessed with this website and right now when you sign up you get a $15 credit(must spend at least $30). They have the most beautiful things and although some is pricey they usually have things for super cheap too. So without further ado....the pictures...

Their boxes are always packed so well and so cute!

All of my dishes came in boxes that I can reuse to pack them in when we move again or just to store them in when not in use.

Beautiful light pink plates with gold designs. I can just imagine Little Miss and I having many tea parties on these plates.

My ADORABLE retro bowls. I got two sets:)

Also, with every order I've gotten a free candle which smells AMAZING!

One Kings Lane is such an awesome website. I am mildly obsessed. I paid next to nothing for everything you saw above using my $15 credit. You can sign up here.

And now from a website called Open Sky. This website is similar to One Kings Lane because they have great deals on designer items but it is so cool because you can 'follow' different people(like Cake Boss, Kristan Cavalleri, Jilian Micheals..etc) and browse items they've picked to be on sale. When I signed up I got a free credit so I got this next little present for almost free...you can sign up here.

The make of this is Emilee Henry and it sells for $40 on Amazon! It was on sale for $29 plus my credit so I got it for almost nothing!
I now have a beautiful place to keep my Olive Oil right next to pasta:) Oh and that is my One Kings Lane candle in the background. And the past container for anyone curious was thrifted from Goodwill for $2:)

I am so excited about all of my new kitchen pretties!

(sorry for the bad pictures. I was too lazy to get my camera so I just used my iphone)

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