10 March 2011

Coming Home

So most of you probably saw or at least have heard of the new show on Lifetime that premiered last Sunday after Army Wives. It's called "Coming Home" and tells the stories of families welcoming their soldier home from war. I didn't watch it Sunday night although I did watch Army Wives. Instead I DVRed it to watch on Monday and watched the Real Housewives. I was just too emotional and new given the circumstances it would be hard for me to watch it. Well Monday I was feeling just a tad stronger and watched it. It was a truly beautiful show. I remember the day my husband returned and how magical it was and seeing that show brought back those memories so strong.

While I was so happy for the families who got their soldier back...it made me sad. Sad because last time I was away from my husband was a deployment. It was something we had to do. But now, he is choosing to be away from us. The difference between him going on a deployment and this impending divorce is that this time he wants to be away and does not intend on 'coming home'. It makes me so sad. I have loved being a military spouse and have walked with so much pride in my heart and now I will just be another single mom. My husband will continue on in the military going on deployments and I won't be there to kiss him when he comes home. It just tears me apart. I love my husband so much and was looking forward to being together forever. I didn't want our marriage to end and I definitely didn't want it to end like this.

Military spouses are such beautiful, strong, individuals who stand strong behind their military spouse. All of you are so amazing and I have been so blessed and lucky to meet so many of you through this blog. That goes to those of you who aren't military spouses as well. This blog has brought me so much joy and support and I am thankful for each one of you.

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  1. I'm a fan of both shows. Even though I'm not a military spouse and/or married for that matter, I get emotional when I watch Coming Home. My boyfriend has considered joining the USAF and i figured maybe i should do some research so i could prepare myself for the military life. I love your blog :)