20 January 2011

A Note to the Men

This is something a little different. This is to the men. Okay, men, I know you're big and tough and you work so hard. You hate sharing your feelings and are don't like to be seen as sensitive. Well big tough men, I want you to know something. I want you to know you have a wife that does everything in her power to make you happy. Sure, she may not work long hours like you at a job but she still works. She gets up in the middle of the night when the baby is crying. She cooks meals and keeps your house clean. She puts on makeup even if she's not leaving the house just so you'll think she's attractive. She cares for your children when you're not there. She is a mom. She is a housewife. She is a maid, a nurse, a cook, your lover, a chauffeur, and the grocery shopper in your house. She wears many hats and can multi-task at the drop of a hat. She is selfless. She gives up a lot of herself to be there for her family. She loves you more than you could ever imagine and when you smile it makes everything she does worth it.

To the men of pregnant women: Your wife does all of the above. She also has swollen ankles. She has pains in her back and legs that feel like daggers. She has a little baby that kicks the crap out of her ribs. She feels fat and ugly. She sweats and gets out of breath just from cooking dinner...but she does it anyways. She is overly emotional and overly sensitive and needs you to tell her she's beautiful every second. She needs help around the house even though she hates admitting she can't do everything. She needs to feel appreciated. She needs to be wined and dined even if it's just you letting her rest in bed while cook dinner and light candles. She needs you to be romantic. When she takes off her clothes in front of you she needs to feel sexy...baby belly and all. When she talks to you...she needs you to listen like really listen and respond. She needs to be able to express her feelings and have you try to understand. When she cries even if it's over something stupid she needs you to wipe away her tears and do whatever it takes to take away her pain.

This woman, this complicated and emotional woman, is your wife. You chose to be with her forever because you love her so much and you need to prove your love to her. When you get married it doesn't mean you no longer have to do things to impress her. A marriage takes work. It takes heart and love. It takes affection beyond just having sex. It takes holding hands and kissing just because. It's so much more than just sleeping in the same bed as someone and sharing a bank account.


  1. i love this!!! all men need to read this. thank you for posting!

  2. :0 ! Perfectly said! I just wanted to thank you for entering my giveaway. :0 I also loved playing with my kitchen when I was a kid too, I thought I would pretend I was a gourmet chef in a five star resturant and now my little guy does the same. :)

  3. :)

    Don't worry men, you don't have to cry and share your feelings. A few thoughtful actions will do.