06 November 2010

Even when life gets you down; Smile

As you all now know, I'm pregnant. On Monday I'll be 8 weeks gestation or 10 weeks pregnant. If you have never been pregnant well let me give you a little look into what a first trimester is like. I go to bed around 10 and get up around 8(sometimes earlier). When I wake up I feel like I haven't gotten any sleep. I drag myself to Little Miss' room to pick her up from her crib where the smell of her poop nearly makes me puke and the weight of her body nearly makes my aching self collapse. I plop her in her high chair, unchanged, and give her some Cheerios. I go to the kitchen to get something for myself to eat and as I am preparing my breakfast as well as pouring milk I'm gagging to an extreme point. I turn on a good tv show to distract myself from my nausea enough so I can stuff some food down my throat. Once I finish eating I give Little Miss an actual breakfast then attempt to change her diaper where the gagging continues(only not as bad because I have food in my tummy). I could go on and explain my whole day but I think you get the picture. gagging, check. extremely fatigued to the point of zombie mode, check. Aching body, check.

Well, to be honest, I could sit here and complain all day long but the truth is...that's not fair. Sure, these things suck and let me tell you they suck big time. Getting winded after simply doing dishes? SUCKS the big one. BUT the bright side? I have this amazing and beautiful little person growing inside of me who I already love so much. Being pregnant is a wonderful gift and I am thrilled that God himself chose to bless us with yet another perfect baby. I think these days we get so caught up in the negative that we have trouble focusing on the positive. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift and no need to complain! My last pregnancy with Little Miss was hard but throughout I kept very positive and happy. This pregnancy I am trying to not complain and to realize how blessed I really am.

I feel like this idea falls into so many different areas of life. Life is hard, and we tend to complain about how hard it is without looking at the amazing things we have in our life. We complain about car troubles....but shouldn't we be happy even have a car to have problems with? Changing your outlook on things can change your whole life. Choose to be positive. Choose to always look at the brightside.

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  1. Dealing with the morning sickness is definitely harder the more kids you already have to take care of. But you are right, the coolness of growing a person far outweighs the discomforts.