04 September 2010

College Football Saturday

The other day I received a package from Victoria's Secret. It was a surprise from my hubby. It included this tank top...You may or may not already know but my husband is from West Virginia and has been pushing his love for the Mountaineers on me since the day we met. So, he has transformed me into a WVU fan. I will still always support my Michigan State Spartans but I have become a true WVU supporter. So, I hear I am on a Saturday, by myself watching the WVU vs Coastal Carolina game with a delivery from pizza hut on it's way. I am wearing my new tank top. Baby is asleep. Dog is asleep. Wish my hubby were here to watch the game with me. I get to see him VERY SOON though. I wish I could tell you all when!!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the VS collegiate stuff...Except for I would never be caught in a WV something. UK, baby :)